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Who We Are

RTL is a multi-disciplined logistics operation which formed five years ago, evolving from four companies whose shareholders were aligned: Becker's Transport, Clinton Waipahi Holdings, Tuapeka Transport and West Otago Transport. RTL then purchased Buchanan Transport.


By uniting as one, we are able to develop and apply solutions for new challenges as they occur within the industry. Amalgamation helped RTL develop into a company with strong core values and a great culture, delivering smart, dynamic transport services.

Working together is our mantra. As a team, we continually challenge ourselves to provide quality logistical service solutions to our clients. By combining our assets and strengths with our sub-contractor’s assets and strengths, we are able to apply the most efficient solutions available.  At RTL, we pride ourselves on finding the ultimate logistics solutions for your business, regardless of the size of the job or the complexities involved. We will find the solution.

We are proud of the RTL team. Every member continually strives to provide consistent, professional, safe, and reliable service across our operation. We deliver this through: smart systems, well maintained assets, by maintaining a high level of compliance and continuous training.

Health & Safety Commitment

RTL is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for workers, contractors and visitors. Our Health and Safety Officers ensure that appropriate resources, information, training and supervision are provided at all levels.

We achieve this through cooperation, compliance and participation within our health and safety systems.

Risk Management


Our team are more than just people or assets. At RTL we see them as part of our family, and we are working together to keep each other well, healthy and safe, the same way any family does. Such is our culture.

Safety of all our staff, as well as our clients and the public in general, is paramount. We simply cannot run the risk of having our staff impaired by drugs or alcohol in our work place, on our clients’ property or on the roads. Therefore, we invest heavily in a Drug and Alcohol Policy by undertaking Drug/Alcohol Testing as follows:

  • Pre-Employment – Urine & Hair Follicle

  • Post-Accident

  • Reasonable Cause

  • Random – Urine & Hair Follicle


With the desire to be the best that we can be, RTL strives for excellence by operating within current relevant legislation, and by remaining compliant. We display our high level of compliance by investing in our accreditations. 

  • ACCWSMP               Tertiary Level

  • Fleetsaver                 Gold Level  

  • Sitewise                     Green Level

  • Winner of the NZ Road Transport Industry Award for Outstanding Contribution to Health and Safety 2016




RTL currently has one fulltime internal driver trainer, Anton Hoffman, and we recreuit external driver trainers to assist us when the need arises. This enables our staff access to up-to-date advice when they need it, with a hands-on approach.


We are in the process of undertaking the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) fuel efficiency training programme. This involves internal training, which is overseen by TR Group and audited by the EECA, for every driver. Our aim is to make gains in fuel efficiency through electronic monitoring of gear changes, engine revving and cornering angles.


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